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[26 Jan 2008|12:20pm]
Things couldn't be any better with Adin and me. Well, they could, like.... we could be in an actual relationship, but no rush. I can live with the steamy, passionate moments together ;) Honestly, a guy has never driven me this crazy before. I've had deep feelings for someone before, duh, but the chemistry between us is incredible. The attraction to one another is so intense... Like, the stuff you see in the movies. And it's a-m-a-z-i-n-g. He's amazing. And I'm lucky.

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Do this for me! :D [15 Aug 2007|03:12pm]
So, as most of you know, I'm a total Hanson fanatic. I love them, have since they first came out, and just as crazy about them today. I plastered large posters of them up at work, I play their music constantly, and have every freaking video and discography they've created, even foreign stuff. I mean, my goodness. I love these boys. So help me out, loves. Just click the banner. To have a song written about me by my most favoritest brothers would just rock my world.

Hanson wants to write a song just for me!

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[22 Jun 2007|08:44am]
I'm going back at the end of July, this time for a week.



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[29 May 2007|04:52am]
I'm so freaking in love with this kid. I can't wait to go there and have the ultimate weekend with him, and come back and write to you about how much more in love with him I am. I'll say it here, to help me hold it in a bit longer. It's so damn hard. I wanna tell him constantly. We spent four hours on the phone tonight trying to explain how we felt, and he let those unspoken feelings slip out and I couldn't have been happier. Our phone bills are going to be outrageous because we can't stop calling each other, just to hear the other's voice and feel like we're with them. So many things in common, so many things not that each of us are so eager to explore. I can't say it enough - I really feel this is it. I dread having to leave him, and it really hurts thinking about it. But, I know it'll work out in the end, I really do.

No one has ever made me so freaking happy. No one. And he can do it from so far away.

I went out drinking last night, guys were offering to buy me drinks and I kept pushing them away. I just wanted Jay to be there. I couldn't get him off my mind the whole night. Apparently there were a dozen hot guys around who I didn't even notice. Its... been a very long time since I've done that, when I didn't even take notice to sweet guys trying to talk to me. I just don't care about anyone else, I want this.

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[03 Mar 2007|02:46pm]
More house stuff, I know -.- Well, all my complaints aside, we found one that can't be ignored. We found out that the house isn't grounded. Tim thinks we can "deal" with that. When will this boy stop and understand that this house just isn't fit for living. So, I contacted the agency to get a hold of the owners and ask if they'll get an electrician out there to get that delt with ASAP, otherwise we'll have to look for another place. The person I needed to talk to was out of the office for the weekend (of course) and so I had to leave a message. I don't know what their take on that is, we did sign the lease, but under such circumstances, the fact that it's in unliveable conditions, we should easily be broken of the lease if the owners refuse to take care of the problem. Tim kept saying that it'll be fine. No, it won't be fine if we get a power surge and the house burns down. Now he's worried that I'll get us out of the lease and he'll have no where to go since he already gave his notice. I guess he should have just listened to me in the first place abou tthis house being a piece of shit...

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[23 Feb 2007|09:33am]
I've calmed down a bit since the last time. Yeah, didn't exactly get the house that I wanted, but decided to stop grumbling about it and make the best of it. My mom and I went out and I bought a new couch, chair, and coffee table. She helped me out by co-signing with me and the monthly payments are 30$ a month. I can deal with that. I cancelled my World of Warcraft account today, in order to put that money towards the payments. Things are going to be pretty rough for the first two months so I need to budget in every way. Once we get moved into this place, my car is getting parked in the garage and I'm going to hit the street with my bike. For a while I'll just use my car for grocery shopping, otherwise Tim is going to help get me into the habit of biking to work and school and anywhere else I need to go. One bus ride here and there is a lot cheaper than that hunk of metal.

I need to go take down some more notes for our test on tuesday. All of a sudden she threw on kind of a lot in one week. Movie analysis, project, and test. And she gives us a week o.O I dunno, I've been working on this during my free time all week and dont feel I have made much of a dent into it. I'll burn her alive.

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[17 Feb 2007|08:33am]
So, tried to talk to Tim about not wanting to move into this place, and even in all the midst of discussing this stuff, we get a call from the house people and are approved for the house and he accepts. It's like uh, were we not just in the middle of a conversation of why I DON'T want to move into this place? Did you forget what we were talking about? It made me rather upset and instead of communicating those feelings rationally, I just blew up on him. He sat there and took it, and when I was done he said, "I think you need to give this a chance." I told him to ask what it would cost for us to break our lease... they said $2000..... He better hope to fscking god that this house is amazing as he's talking it up to be. Because I see nothing great about it.

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[13 Feb 2007|10:52am]
My friend Tim and I decided to move out together, thinking it would be convenient for the both of us. We have been spending a crap load of time together, so I know he's someone I can live with without killing (we work, go to school, and hang out after work/before work together). When the search began, it seemed awesome. A month down the line and little success later, we're having conflicting priorities. There was one house we both thought was possibly the perfect house. Unfortnately, someone was infront of us in line and nevertheless we didn't get the house. Then we looked at this other house through the same company. It was cool at first, but the more you looked through it the more I realized this house was just beyond screwed up. But Tim fell in love with it and wants it badly. I don't know why. But then again, he said he doesn't see what I don't like about it. Here are my pros and cons about the place.

- The rooms are on opposite sides of the house from each other.
- Rooms are a decent size.
- Good location for work and school.
- Large front yard, and away from a busy street.
- Has a huge clawfoot tub... so sexy.
- It's off of Klikitat street! I wanted to live on Klikitat...

- It's only 850 sqft and they want $1000 a month for it.
- The washing machine is in the bathroom, the dryer is in a shed out back.
- The water heater is in the kitchen, leaving the fridge out akwardly in the open.
- Has hardly a backyard.
- It's heated with electrical heat.
- They put baseboard heaters along the two biggest walls in the living room... leaving a small corner to put maybe a couch up againt. Everything else has to sit away from the wall, and it's not that big of a livingroom.
- Has an akward room right after the living room. The kitchen, "master bedroom", bathroom, and pantry leading from this room. You can't put furniture in it... there is just nothing to do with it.
- They remodled the place and covered any opening to the attic.
- The garage is hardly a garage. It's an overlarge shed, which has gravel and glass covering the ground of it so it's not like i can park my car in there.
- No dishwasher. Tim has one, that we'll have to store in the pantry and wheel across the house to the kitchen every time we want to do dishes.
- The fridge smells like mildue.
- The neighbors are doing construction, so it'll mean no sleep until they finish.

I don't know. I don't think the place is worh 1000 dollars a month. Maybe 900. If even that. They really screwed with this place bad and it's just retarded. But tim is sold on it. I think he's just eager to move out. I found other, better, houses for either the same price or less, but he wants this one. he says he doesnt want to push me into something that I don't want or that I'm unsure about, but that we really should try it out. try it out? Trying it out means signing into a year lease. If we get into it, and find out we're paying a crapload for heating/cooling and rent and what not, there is nothing we can do for the next year. I mean seriously. Ugh, ok, I'm done bitching about this right now. I need sleep before school.

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[06 Dec 2006|11:07am]
In this bind with the vet clinic I've been taking the kittens to. I was told a little too late that they tend to screw you over when it comes to applying your Employee Discount. I'm supposed to get all vaccinations free of charge, 50% off flea medication and visit, and 75% off in-house/clinic tests. So, I take in the first one, get her tested and vaccinated, and the total came to 147 and some change. They said don't worry about it, we'll send it through billing, apply your discount, and you'll get a bill in the mail. That bill came. What was the total? 147 and some change. So when I took them back to get their updated vaccinations and fixing, I told them it was wrong. They appologized, took that bill and said don't worry about it. They'll send it back through billing with the new charges, get it taken care of, and it'll all be on my next bill. I get my next bill. Not only does it have a 30 day late fee on it, but it also is a 440 dollar bill with a whole whoppin 50$ discount applied to it. Gee, thanks for discounting SOME of the shots and nothing else. So the total is now 530, since the late fee is calculated by a percentage of your total. What fscking idiots. So, now I have to go in the middle of my "night" to get it figured out, cause the lady won't answer her phone, or return my fscking calls. So, when or if I ever get this figured out, fsck ever going back there. I'll drive across town if that's what it takes to get good service.

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[06 Dec 2006|10:32am]
My mom's side of the family does a christmas draw, which makes it easier cause I don't like buying for most of them anyway... I got one of my cousins, simple enough. Making my list this morning and it's hard to resist buying it right now x_x cause I waaaaant it. And I wanna be sure I geeeet it. But, I guess I can hold out a couple more weeks.
My immediate family decided to do a draw as well. I drew my dad. Great x_x Our presents to each other are supposed to be more meaningful and thoughtful than something picked from a list. My initial idea was to make cocoa butter for people, but my dad isn't into that kind of stuff. Would have worked for aaaanyone else. The only thing he has ever asked for is Peace and Quiet, heh. I don't know. I know anything I get for him he'll be thankful for, but I want it to be real special. *sigh* I'm stumped.

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[28 Nov 2006|06:40am]
Livejournal, oh how I ignore you.

Nothing too spectacular going on with me since the last post. Well, things that completely excite me, but where no one else can really share in my excitement. Ask David, whenever we get to talking, somehow the subject always leads back to my job and I get going and he just gets this bored expression on his face. I understand that half the things I say make no sense, but I just need to get it out. Perhaps that's why I should write in here more often.

Work has it's up and downs. The job itself I am enjoying to the extreme. Not getting bored, still so much to learn. They've decided that they want to train me on the Urinalysis tests and Hematology. I about pissed myself when I found out they were going to be training me on those. I was even more shocked to hear that they want to take me completely out of login and make me a lab tech and permanently work in those two areas. Apparently, they were supposed to talk to me about it a while ago, since they've been planning for it since I showed more interest in learning things around the lab. And apparently, they had already put out the ad for my login position before they even asked if this was what I wanted to do. x_x Well, good thing it is. There is only one downside to it: Mary, the head of the Hematology dept., is the toughest person to work with. They said they felt I'd do fine working with her, cause I have no problem back talking to Sharon (my current trainer). Difference in personalities there, though. Sharon is a ditz. Mary is a hag. Mary has run out around a dozen people who have applied for her assistance job. One of them just recently quit, actually. So, I'm a little uneasy with that part, but otherwise I'm totally excited to get started. They trained me for one day and I can get the machines up and running and start the first few racks on the first load until Mike, one of my supervisors, take over. He's supposed to be learning them as well, and he'll be training me further until Mary comes in on her shift. They want to get me and Wendy, the other girl that will be swapping in and out with me, trained the best they can before they push us off on Mary. Woot woot.

In other news.... I still have kittens -.- I was supposed to get rid of them over two months ago, but they only recently got fixed. I have an ad out for them, and just waiting to hear back. If I can't find a home for them in two weeks, parents are just going to drag them off to the shelter. I don't like that idea... but I don't have a choice living in my parents house. I'm thankful they've let me keep them this long. Fluffy kittah is extremely sweet. He always comes and greets me at the door and follows me around for pets and loves. Black kittah is starting to come around. she'll approach me to smell me, paw my hand, then back away again. But it's better than what she was doing, and it wasn't long that fluffy was at that stage and soon let me pet him. They are getting comfortable with me, and I feel awful giving them away where they'd start all over. But, it has to be done. I've done what I can for them, keeping them is not an option.

What else can I ramble about.... Yesterday it snowed, and it's still snowing. Temps dropped to freezing and the roads are really slick. I made it to work just fine once I got out of the hills I live in. We are supposed to be getting freezing rain on Thursday so.. we'll see how that turns out.

Other than that, not sure what else to talk about. Boring stuff as ever, eh? Maybe one day I'll have something remotely exciting to talk about ;) Until then, enjoy your holidays :)

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[25 Jul 2006|08:44am]
So, I've recently gotten two piercings, and of course more on the way. I've had this list of piercings that I've been working on since I was about 16 yrs old and just got up enough courage to start getting them done. Pain has never been my thing, but I started with the most painful one so the rest should be a piece of cake. I went on Saturday and got my nipples pierced. Cringed with each thrust through, but it wasn't that bad. They were pretty sore the first day, and still are 4 days later, but really don't notice it. I like it :) Apparently it's a 4-8 month healing process, and I've already been browsing through jewellery that I wanna buy for then. I can't wait for the swelling to go down -.-

Yesterday, I decided to get my labret pierced. It's the only facial piercing I want. It didn't hurt at all, just the feeling of a swift pin prick. For the first three weeks they put in an extra long one, so it looks a bit funky, but it's to accomadate the swelling. In three weeks, they'll switch it out for a fitting one, and tada! It tickles my teeth right now, and it's tough as hell to eat without getting it stuck on your teeth and pulling it back >.< But it doesn't hurt, which is nice :)Only a 2 month healing process for this one, which makes me happy.

I'm thinking in about a month, once I get into the habit of cleaning these two and it intergrates into my normal everyday life, I'll get my tragus' pierced. I hear it really hurts, but not as much as the nipples. At the same time, I'll get either left or right upper cartilage pierced as well.

Once my labret and nipples are finished going through their cleaning processes, I'll get the back of my neck, then I'm done! Unless I find something else...

I don't think it's over doing it. They are pretty spread out, not like I'm getting them all done around the same area. I like piercings ^.^ must get mooore!

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[16 Jul 2006|04:56am]
Things have been going pretty well lately. My parents and I took me to a casino to celebrate my 21st birthday, as I haven't done so yet. We were there for 6 hours, and I had a blast. They shelled out $200 and gave me all the "winnings" to cash in and keep, which came out to be a little over 150. So, not too bad, really. I ordered my very first drink ^.^ ... but they didn't card me >.< A bit depressing. But, maybe next time ;)

Things with Mark and I are still going real good. I need more pics, damnit. The last week it doesn't feel I've seen him a whole lot, even though he's living with me. Starting to miss him, really. We're getting our scheduals all messed up and starting to feel what it's like to be on the off schedual of each other. I don't like it much, but know it couldn't last forever :) Either way, things are great, I'm seeing this going far, and it's made me extremely happy.

I feel refreshed, I really feel happy. HAPPY. Imagine that. I didn't think it could be accomplished, but it's there. *sigh* God, I just wanna say I love that boy. <3

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[11 Jun 2006|07:00am]
Unbelieveable! ^^ <3 <3 <3 <3

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[05 Apr 2006|10:50pm]
Ah, another term, another chance to try to make things right. Perhaps things have kicked in and I can continue with this life stuff. Just need to pass these classes and apply for the program. Once past this hurtle, I think I can release a lot of tension and move on. I've secluded myself currently, just waiting to get things figured out so I can, once again, come out of my shell. I need to get a schedual down to help with school, home life and schedualing in a social hour from time to time. I miss Simone. I miss Brandon. I should be taking advantage of what I have while I still have it. And I will, I'm working on it. I don't know how I feel currently. I'm always tired, and a little stressed out, but nothing quite like before. I don't know whether I am happy or not. I think it's progressing, but not quite there. Sometimes I fall back into feeling like I did before, other times there isn't a negative thought in my mind. I'm working on it.. slowly, but surely.

I don't know what to write. I don't know how I feel, heh. Ah well. I miss you, Lety. I miss you a lot.

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[28 Feb 2006|09:43am]
I don't tend to update much because I feel there is never really anything to update on. My life is pretty dull at the moment but working to change that, just taking some time. I've recently sought out help for some issues I've been having, and so far it's been working. My worries about finances, school and every day life have melted away and I can see a bit more clearly now and have a lot more motivation to achieve my set goal. But there is one thing that I can't get off my mind lately and it's driving me crazy. Recently my sister, Lety, moved to New York to go to school. Even though we fought somewhat constantly, I'd have to say she was definately my favorite sister and I miss her horribly. I worry about her every day, what could and might happen to her and I can't stand some of the thoughts. I try to push them out, convince myself that everything will be ok, but I don't believe it. I don't call her often, instead wait for her to call. I'm scared sometimes.. I'm scared I'll call and she won't answer, that something isn't ok. When she doesn't answer I worry. I'd give up everything to just go out there and live with her and make sure everything stays ok. Because if anything happened to her... I don't know what I would do. I love her too much, and I miss her even more. It kills me... it really does. I didn't think it was going to be this bad, but it turned out to be worse. *sigh* I need to stop talking about this. Here comes the water works...

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[26 Dec 2005|12:20am]
There hasn't been much to update on. I quit my job at the hospital around a month ago and just haven't been working. I audited my math class and was doing nothing once I got back from Mexico basically. Christmas time was stressful as ever, but I think we did rather well on gifts this year. Things have been great with David and I. I'll be taking a full load this upcoming semester. Don't think it'll be too tough. I've cut back on playing computer games in hopes to gain a bit more responsibility and GO to class. Um... Starting in January, I'll be watching my niece and nephew mon-fri while my sister works. Getting paid through the government.. kind of excited about that. I think some days it'll be fun heh.

Um, so as you can see nothing exciting has been going on.

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and hope you all have a safe and fun New years.

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[22 Nov 2005|11:10pm]
There is just really nothing to say.

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[12 Oct 2005|06:07pm]
It's bad enough when they say they offer great wireless service and you can't get service in your room, but when you come down to their computer lab, and still can't get service. Where the hell is this coming from? Are they leeching it from a nearby place. Found out one day that they could get a signal in their hotel, and decided to advertise it? I wouldn't put it past them.
Anyway. I'm cranky. I've been sick the whole time we've been down here. I am ready to come home.

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[10 Oct 2005|10:10am]
Crap.. I missed my second math quiz. She's the first person to make it due at 8am, rather than 11:55pm. But that's what I get for assuming. Still... she sucks.

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